There are many benefits to neutering your pet aside from the obvious – an unplanned litter which will need rehoming.

Unless you are planning on breeding your pet we recommend that you get your pet neutered. The following benefits outline why it is important.

Neutering can -

  • Prevent some forms of cancer from developing in your pet, especially those that affect the mammary glands, ovaries and uterus in females, and the testes in males
  • Stop females going into heat
  • Stop males from straying in search of a female and being at risk of getting lost or killed on roadways
  • Decrease aggression and territorial behaviour
  • Decrease excessive urine marking
  • Help fight pet overpopulation. Thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens are put down every year as a suitable home cannot be found for them

The operation

We make the operation itself as safe, stress-free and painless for your pet as we can.

All pets are given a health check prior to the anaesthetic and surgery. An experienced vet will perform the procedure and a qualified veterinary nurse will be monitoring them at all times. We have modern equipment checking blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and heart rate throughout the anaesthetic and surgery.

All our animals are placed on heated air beds during and after surgery. This greatly reduces heat loss and makes for a faster and more comfortable recovery. Post operative pain relief is given to all patients.


Your pet will usually go home with you the same day, and should be feeling fully recovered and back to normal within two to three days.

Please contact our vets or nurses to ask any questions you may have about this procedure and when it would be most suitable for your pet.